YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on the web next to Google. Think about that! Video marketing isn’t just a nice touch anymore, it’s an absolute necessity to effectively market your brand, your product or service, and your business.

Full service, in-house, script to screen video production is our one true passion, and there is no one better at it than we are! When it comes to effective script writing, pre-production, creative design, professional audio and lighting, post production, audio/video encoding and video distribution, 48HourMedia® is widely considered one of the best in the business.

We live in a highly visual, instant messaging, media driven world, and if you aren’t promoting your product or service with video you’re missing opportunities.

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So, now that you have a brand new beautiful video that nails your elevator pitch and perfectly conveys your value proposition – now what? After all, what good is this powerful tool you now have to offer prospective new clients if it just sits in your toolbox collecting dust never getting seen?

Fear not! 48HourMedia® is here to help. With well over 2,000 business videos produced in the Phoenix valley, we’ve seen it all.

Each video project has its own unique objective and each business desires its own specific outcome from their project. From simple web and social distribution to more complicated broadcast, TV, or podcast distribution methods, we have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. We are more than happy to provide our insight as to what the best distribution approach is for your project. This is typically a free, goodwill service we provide all of our customers. If your project requires a more sophisticated or ongoing distribution strategy we are happy to explore ways in which we can assist you in reaching your objectives.  In any case, consultations are always free and you can rest assured, we will help you in any we can to ensure your project is a successful one.   

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