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48HourMedia® is the #1 Video Production company in the Phoenix Valley. We are specialists in video production, video distribution and media consulting. We are widely known for our high quality, affordability and fast turnaround times.

We are celebrating our 10th year of full time video production. We are very proud to bring a high level of understanding to branding, target audience messaging, and multimedia production. Our extensive expertise, combined with a shared sense of purpose with our clients goals and objectives, sets us apart from our competition.

All 48HourMedia® production services are performed in-house (we do not outsource or re-sell any of these services). This gives us the unique ability to control quality of work, turnaround time and cost!

48HourMedia® takes a strategic approach in solving the biggest challenges most owners and managers face everyday – being seen and attracting new clients.

Let 48HourMedia® develop, design and implement a customized video production campaign unique to your vision that will create brand and audience engagement, generate new interest in your product or service, and help to retain your existing client base.

We’d love to learn more about your goals and discuss how we can creatively solve some of the business challenges you’re currently facing.  Call 480-768-7030 to claim your free consultation.


I’ve enjoyed working with 48HourMedia for the past several months as Will and Erica assisted me in transitioning my online strategy from another provider. Not only did Will modify and upgrade my online presence given his considerable knowledge, but he was also very attentive and listened to my business needs in providing scalable and affordable video, social media and website solutions that tied together into a workable business development plan. I would highly recommend 48HourMedia.
Fred Hildebrand
Fortify Franchising
48HourMedia really understood my need for a strong brand and media content. Will had an intimate grasp of my business after just one meeting! Amazing! I love the work 48HourMedia did for me.
Lisa Graham
Lisa's Help
I am so glad I met Will at 48HourMedia. The level of professionalism is amazing. I’ve worked with them on projects for over 6 years and I always feel like I’m in good hands and that I’m being listened to.
Kelley Bird
Art of Feminie Power

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