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Web Video is 75% more likely to grab attention than text

48HourMedia™ is Arizona’s #1 source for results driven video marketing, cross platform social media marketing, and integrated multimedia marketing services. Serving micro and small businesses, we are passionate about keeping our clients “top of mind” with their clients.

If you’re not promoting your company’s product or service with video, potential customers are passing you by. Video is 75% more likely to grab attention than text!

48HourMedia™ has a one-of-a-kind value proposition – not only do we provide easy access to broadcast quality, commercial video and multimedia marketing services at a fraction of the cost of large media production houses – but we’ll also deliver your finished, flagship promotional commercial in 48 Hours!

From script to screen, 48HourMedia™ takes a full service approach translating your company’s elevator pitch into brilliant, high definition, rich media.  We then design effective marketing strategies for distribution across all web and social media channels…

Our promotional commercials are regularly seen worldwide, not only on the internet but also on FOX News, CNN, CBS, NBC and many more national broadcast channels.

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Important Note: Video and rich media marketing should be an essential part of any company’s overall customer acquisition strategy. We are exposed to 500 times more information today than we were 50 years ago.  We ignore most marketing messages and as a result many text/image based websites are now losing ground to rich media.  Web video is no longer a glossy extra  but an essential component of successful web design. Statistics show that including video in your website greatly increases visitor time on your site, customer retention and return on investment.

We look forward to learning about your product or service, and to creating an exceptional promotional video campaign that compels people to do business with you…


This is a highlight reel of the 2011/2012 season. As Coach Thompson’s official videographer we were lucky enough to be court side for almost every game, including the Page, AZ Tournament and the NIKE Tournament. I’ve sat on the floor for NBA games but I’d rather watch the Lady Wolves play any day. They play hard, fast and with endless drive…. Awesome!!

Video facts

  • Web Video is 75% more likely to grab attention than text – Comscore
  • Web Video ads have shown an average 24% increase in incidents of purchase – Comscore
  • A good viral video can last 8 years with good traffic, year 1 & 2 being massive 2010 – Viraltracker
  • 2 – 5 % of traffic converts to a sale on text sites while approximately 12% convert on sites with video – Online Publishers Association
  • Estimated 87% of surfers will watch web video by 2012 – Feb 2011 – Online Publishers Association
  • 73% + of top 20 companies in each business sector use web video as part of their strategy – VideoBloom
  • Americans watched 33.2 Billion web videos in January 2011 – Comscore
  • Web video email marketing industry is set to top $7.2b in 2012 – Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • TV quality web video ads preferred by viewers – Nielsen
  • 78% respondents confirmed they learned more about a product /service with web video than with TV – TNS
  • YouTube increases market share to 43% and 100% growth in 2009 – Comscore
  • All Business increased spend on web video ads in 2009 by 40% – Borrell & Asc.
  • 65% of surfers view web video ads to the end – less than 20% read “text only” sites – Online Publishers Asc
  • 95% of marketers admitted that CTR increased when using web video – GetResponse