Welcome! My name is Will Snyder, the founder of 48HourMedia®. When I started this company I had one primary mission – to provide small and micro size businesses the same, high quality branding, web development and video production services that the big agencies offer to large companies  – but at Mom and Pop prices.

In order to achieve my mission I knew I would have to provide our services IN-HOUSE and not be resellers like many of our competitors. By performing all production elements in-house – skipping the cost and unpredictability of the “middle man”  – allows us to have complete control over quality of service, project turnaround times, and cost to our customers.

At the core of every successful venture is a clear conversation between the business and its prospective customers. That conversation absolutely must be constructed properly and conveyed correctly in order for it to resonate with your unique target audience.

Through the art of intuitive, business-centric multimedia production, 48HourMedia® has demonstrated a commanding understanding of this reality with well over 2,000 successful projects. 

Give me a call today at 480-768-7030 to learn more about how we can help your company and about the many exciting things we’re creating at 48HourMedia®-

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Testimonial From Bret Inorio

Working with 48HourMedia has been a great experience, and has been very beneficial to my company's bottom line. Will is great! He is honest, hardworking, offers great suggestions and ideas to help grow companies. One of his greatest assets is also being willing to "admit" when something isn't working, or likely won't work! If you need professional branding, video, website design, and many other services to help reach more customers, I suggest you call 48HourMedia today! ~ Bret Inorio, Owner - New Results Medical Weight Loss



48HourMedia® is proud to be part of the community we live in and we’re excited to soon be offering free classes to the public! 

Nearly everyone has a smartphone with lots of creative tools to explore, or a still or video camera they’d love to learn more about and have fun with. We will soon be offering classes that will teach you the basics of photography, videography and even some basic design elements so you can explore your creative side.

If you’d like to be notified of the first class, fill out the form on the Contact page.

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7:00 - 8:30 p.m.




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