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48HourMedia® is a creative agency with unique specialties in digital content production, multimedia design &development, design/print, and consulting services. We are widely known for our in-house, ‘script to screen’ video production services and also provide comprehensive self-publishing assistance to authors and artists.

With over 30 years of experience, 48HourMedia® brings a high level of understanding to branding, target audience messaging, and multimedia production. This expertise, combined with a shared sense of purpose with our clients goals and objectives, sets us apart from other creative agencies.

48HourMedia® takes a strategic approach in solving the biggest challenges most owners and managers face everyday – being seen and attracting new clients.

All 48HourMedia® production services are performed in-house (we do not outsource or re-sell any of these services). This gives us the unique ability to control quality of work, turnaround time and cost!

Let 48HourMedia® develop, design and implement a customized multimedia campaign unique to your vision that will create brand and audience engagement, generate new interest in your product or service, and help to retain your existing client base.

We’d love to learn more about your goals and discuss how we can creatively solve some of the business challenges you’re currently facing.

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Multimedia production & business development services offered by 48HourMedia®

Business consulting and full service creative content development and production for owners, principals, managers, authors, artists, organizers and visionaries.

  • Consulting
  • Creative Agency Services
  • Video Production
  • Design/Print Services
  • Brand Concept/Development
  • Multimedia Promotional Packages
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy
  • Publishing Services
  • Layout and Design
  • Ebook Production
  • Audiobook Production
  • Podcast Development and Production
  • Website Design and Development
  • Photography (film/digital)

and more… Let’s talk!